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Secrets of Proper Cable Management

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The Pursuit of A Clean And Modern Look

Everything from our computers to our TVs are now thin and very sleek. Nothing distorts the modern look of a home, of your entertainment room, of your office than having cables and wires everywhere. When going for a super sleek, neat and modern look, you have to have a way to hide your cables and your wires properly. Without doing this, you will totally destroy the look that you are going for. In this article we will talk about cable organizer secrets finally exposed and how the professionals do it and how they get that perfect modern look where you do not see any wires at all.

The Easiest Solution For A Flat Screen TV

When most people are concerned with hiding cables and wires their biggest concern is with their TV. People spend all this money for a great-looking modern LCD panel that looks like it is a picture and that it floats from the wall, but that look is completely destroyed when you see wires and cables dangling from it. It becomes quite unsightly. The cool thing is that it is possible to Hide TV Wires for Less Than $20. Many people have the false belief that it is going to cost a ton of money, but that simply is not the truth. There are all kinds of innovative ways to hide cables and wires and to make your television look perfect, to have a very modern and minimalistic look. So please continue to read.

How To Hide TV Cable Wires

Hiding the cable wires of your TV is very easy to do. You only need a few simple things and you can finally tuck and hide those wires they get in your way. The first thing that people have to solve is what to do with the cable wire. It is something that you cannot get rid of, but you can hide it. Some people take twist ties and they circle wrap their wires to reduce the size of them. Another cool option that looks great is to use a vertical raceway wire cover. What this does is it creates a cover for the wires so that you can hang them vertically and hide them. The wire cover can be painted to match the color of your wall so that it looks like one seamless construction. This is one of the most popular ways that people hide their cable wires.

An Assortment of Ties, Covers, Twisty and Sticky things

Pretty much when it comes to hiding cables and wires you will need a few things. Most people use some type of twist tie, various wire covers, wire boxes that can be used to hide power strips and power bricks, they also utilize double-sided adhesive squares. These can be used to hide things like power strips and power bricks behind your TV by connecting them so that they are not hanging in the way. You will see that many people utilize that on their computer desk and they'll take that power brick and use double-sided adhesive tape to stick it to the underside of your desk completely moving it out of the way. There is another solution that many people use and it is called wire wrap, wire wrap allows you to take all of your wires into covered them with a single piece of material that will give you just one bundle of wires neatly covered. This is a great way to get the wires out of the way without having to stick them to anything or use a lot of different items.

What About Your Home Office?

When it comes to your home office, you have a lot of things that you can use. Many people use their desk itself to hide their wires, cable, power bricks and power outlets. They utilize double-sided tape as we mentioned before to stick these things to underneath their desk and they use what is called a wire cover raceway to properly hide the wires underneath the desk so that if anyone looked underneath it, they would not be able to see it.

One Novel Idea: Keep The End In Mind

One great idea to keep in mind is that when you're buying your computer or your television or a new monitor, or even a new desk is to think about how you will manage your wires and your cables. If you start with the end in mind, you will come up with a lot of great solutions for hiding your wires and cables. Luckily, the equipment and tools that are used to hide cables and wires and to perform cable management are very inexpensive, and all of this can be done for under $20.