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How To Hide Tv Wires - Cable Organizer Labs

Hiding TV Wires For Less Than $20

WARNING: DO NOT PUT YOUR POWER CORD IN YOUR WALL LIKE THIS. Adding an extra outlet is required by code so check out my video on how to do that!

Annoying TV wires hanging down from you wall-mounted TV are a thing of the past! With just two plates, you can hide them for good. Step-by-step instructions and links to products are at

Project Difficulty: Easy
Project Time: 30 Minutes

Figuring out how to do cable management properly will make your life a lot less cluttered. As devices take over more and more of our time, we have more cords to deal with.

How Much Time Does This Task Take?

You need to dedicate a chunk of your time to doing this right, but once you're done you can enjoy the results for years to come. A desk with a lot of devices attached can take a few hours. You are going to have to start by removing all of your cables, getting things together, and then putting it all into place once you have a system in mind that you'll be using. Once you know what the process will be like, you need to take your time because a couple of mistakes can add up fast.

Use The Right Cable Raceway And Clips

Buying a cable raceway is a good idea. It is basically what it sounds like, just a plastic box that you can run cables through. Try to find one that fits all the wires you need to run through it but also small enough that you can easily fit it behind your TV.

It should have an adhesive on it, or you can buy something that helps to stick it to the wall. You want it to run from as close to the source as possible to behind the TV, so cut it if you have one that's too long and make sure that you don't buy one that is too short.

A few cord clips should come in handy. There are a lot of them that you can use and they are very inexpensive. The goal with a clip is to keep individual cords together. Then they can more easily fit into the raceway or can be clipped wherever they need to go.

It's better to go with more than less when it comes to these, because you may need a couple extra when you least expect it. Luckily they are super cheap to get online or at a retail store locally so put clips on your list.

Sneaking In Power Bricks And More With Adhesives

Adhesives, like pads you can stick on power bricks that let you stick them to the underside of a desk, are awesome. You can find a lot of shapes and sizes of adhesive pads, and you can cut them to the right shape if you have a decent pair of scissors.

When using the pads, try them after you install a raceway and after you know where most of your cords will be going. It can be a process to find room for everything if you have a lot of items to plug in, but there should be enough space if you plan it right.

Picking Out A Good Surge Protector

What is a surge protector and why is it a good idea to have? Well, it's basically a box or strip of plugins that you can use to have multiple items draw from the same power plug. There are some that just work as a power strip and then a surge protector is one that will not let your items get damaged if electricity surges through it.

The surge variety is best if you have anything you don't want to lose, because electricity is able to destroy electronics if something happens. If you have a computer in your setup you should look into a battery backup in case the power goes out.

Shopping For Deals On Wire Organizers

You can find a lot of what you need for cable management online on great websites like this one (hint hint). Make sure you try to do all of your shopping at one time because you're going to have to pay to ship. We recommend Amazon because they offer free shipping on orders over $35 or if you have Amazon Prime. If you go to a local store, you have to pay more sometimes because they have to cover their employees and store costs. That's why it's usually cheaper to go online for what you need. And, it can just be nice not to have to go looking at a physical store for an hour or two if you don't like going in the first place.

When you see the end result, you'll know that good cable management is worth it. Just randomly plugging things in will eventually end in frustration, so the sooner you can work on this the better.